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Gender Action and Implementation Plans

We work with a wide array of clients, including

government, not-for-profits and industry associations. 

We do this through

  • Our networks, access, knowledge and experience, with passion and commitment

  • Providing exceptional advice and expert services

  • Listening to the needs, wants, and goals of our clients to deliver outstanding results

  • Being impartial and facilitating conversations in a neutral environment to resolve disputes

  • Gender Equality Audits, devising Action and Implementation Plans (GEAP & GEIP)

We do this for

Businesses, peak industry bodies, owners corporations and communities,  for-purpose organisations and social enterprises, local and government departments, agencies, authorities and regulators.

For-Purpose &
Corporate Advisory

Stakeholder Communications

Risk mitigation & Compliance


Gender Impact Statements 

 Workplace Gender Audits  

Gender Equality Action & Implementation Plans

Building Equality Policy 

Social Procurement Frameworks  

Tender writing and grants 

Regulatory Impact Statements

 Policy development

Board and Committee mentoring on governance, compliance & risk management

Constitution & Code of Conduct 



Communications and engagement

Media & crisis management 

 Sponsorship & partnerships

Stakeholder consultation  Research, submission &

report writing

Community campaign enablement

Not for Profit empowerment

Local Government facilitation

Create, review, renew or rebuild your  bespoke communications strategy


Risk Management Frameworks

Enterprise Risk

Regulation and Compliance

Building Equality Policy &

Gender Audits, Action Plans

Planning & Evaluation

Business Continuity Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethics and Governance

Reputational Risk 

Political, strategic & operational

Mitigation and suppression

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