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Public Purpose Services


In Victoria, we are approved by the Department of Treasury and Finance Professional Advisory Services State Purchase
Contract Panel (PAS SPC); and Marketing Services Register (MSR). 


Gender equity | Conciliation | Arbitration l Negotiation 

We are committed to gender equality, diversity and community empowerment.

We are experienced with the implementation of the Victorian Government Building Equality Policy (BEP) Social Procurement Framework (SPF) compliance requirements.

We facilitate workplace conversations, and assist with gender audits and Gender Equality Action Plans.

RIS consultation & Assessment Stakeholder Engagement


Diversity & Inclusion GEAPs and Mediation

We undertake workplace audit, employee engagement and surveying of stakeholders to create, review, renew or rebuild the organisational and project Gender, Diversity & Inclusion communications strategy with and for you.

RCA is your mojo enabler in GEAP planning and implementation.  We are your specialist project  management partner.

As an Accredited workplace  mediator, we aim to empower women, assigned female at birth and gender diverse people to raise issues and concerns in a safe, neutral environment with facilitated discussion.

Built environment & Infrastructure Advisory

RIS Consultation and Assessment & 
Stakeholder Engagement

RCA can assist with policy, regulatory and subordinate instrument review.

Regulatory Impact Statement drafting and assessment is a specialty.

In assessing stakeholder responses, cost-benefit, social, community, environmental and enterprise impacts are stringently considered.

RCA's full-service strategic and stakeholder engagement, communications, public relations and community engagement services have earned a strong reputation over decades, enabling us to protect and enhance yours. 

Gender, Diversity & Inclusion, GEAPs and Mediation

Built Environment & Infrastructure Advisory

RCA and IP offer the full suite of strategic asset, value capture and urban renewal strategic planning, policy and implementation.

Our team’s extensive expertise encapsulates assessing bids, capital works, portfolio, asset, facilities and life cycle management, Property Risk Assessment of built stock and operating business units.

Safety in the built environment is a shared responsibility. Our experience will enhance your in-house capacity to fulfil your obligations to staff in the workplace and the community as a whole.

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