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Maree Davenport

Expert Professional Credentials

Adaptive Mindsets



Critical Thinking

Cultural Engagement

Digital Literacy

Driving Strategic Results

Empowering Others

Leading & Developing People

Problem Solving



CEO Endometriosis Australia

Former Member of Parliament in Victoria

NMAS Accredited Multi-disciplinary and Online Mediator 

Master of Leadership; GCertLdshp (Deakin) FacCertComn (Monash); BPRE (RMIT)

CertGov&RiskMgt (GIA); G&MAICD 

Maree is an Accredited Multi-disciplinary and Online Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System (101-7346 -NMAS).  She has earned a Master of Leadership in gender equality, and specialises in workplace Gender Equality Action Plans and Audits. She has long standing expertise in women's and others workplace equity and access. 

A Member of Chief Executive Women (CEW), National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), and Women in Public Health, Maree is a professional member of the Mediation and Resolution Institutes, Women on Boards, Victorian Women's Trust, she has been an Ambassador for Carlton Football Club since 2013.


She specialises in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), with extensive experience in the Strata building and construction sector, specifically with lot owner, Body Corporate and Owners Corporations disputes in mixed use settings.  Maree was a Member of the Victorian Building Authority Building Appeals Board (BAB) a specialist expert tribunal that makes decisions about matters relating to legislation, regulation and codes, along with practitioner registration. For 7 years, Maree Chaired the Minister for Planning's Building Advisory Council comprising the peak bodies and regulators in the building and construction industry.


Maree's additional experience includes the Ministerial Roundtable Industry Skills Consultative Committee, the Critical Incident Protocol Working Group (DJCS), the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Industry Leaders Consultative Group and Building Confidence Report Steering Committee, along with the Victorian Swimming Pool and Spa Safety Committee.


She is a strategic advisor, community activist, and Regs and Corporate Advisory Pty Ltd's founding and Managing Director. Maree is also tertiary qualified in property, communications, and leadership. 


The youngest woman elected to the Parliament of Victoria, aged 28, and served two terms. She was appointed as Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Housing, Community Services and Aged Care, Member & Deputy Chair of the Joint All-Party Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee, Chair of the Redundant Legislation and Regulation Review SARC Committees and other senior policy roles.

Maree’s extensive networks, knowledge, and experience have been developed and honed over 30 years in policy, advocacy, and commercial fields.  She is sought after to settle disputes.

She is renowned for her ability to scope, frame, and develop strategic industry policy and for her keen eye on the full spectrum of unforeseen challenges, unintended consequences, and impacts of regulatory and legislative change.

Maree is known for her diligence and persistence in delivering tangible outcomes. Bringing a genuine passion to her work, Maree creates impact by readily identifying emerging issues and creating innovative, sustainable policy and dispute resolution solutions.


Maree cares about the community as a whole, which she serves in many voluntary roles, and is committed to empowering organisations to enable them to thrive.

Maree is involved with many charities, serving as Chief Executive Officer and previous Chair of women's health charity Endometriosis Australia, was on the Board of Tradeswomen Australia, she is on the board of the Dandelion Wishes Foundation, and is a Inaugural Foundation member of Monash Children's Hospital. She was previously President of Wavlink disability service for 7 years, founded Angel Babies Foundation, and supports many organisations which provide a helping hand up to people in need.


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