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‘Breakthroughs come when you reflect on your past, attend to the present, prospect the future, and express your passion.’ 

Kouzes and Posner (2017)


Maree Davenport earned a Master of Leadership specialising in Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, along with Expert Professional Credentials in ​

  • Adaptive Mindsets

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Critical Thinking

  • Cultural Engagement

  • Digital Literacy

  • Driving Strategic Results

  • Empowering Others

  • Leading & Developing People

  • Problem Solving

Mentoring empowers women and AFAB to harness Emotional Intelligence (Goleman) to build a positive organisational culture to drive success, and:

  • demonstrate authenticity

  • be trusted by other leaders, peers and followers

  • communicate a consistent, clear vision

  • inspire and motivate

  • be agile and adapt as required by environmental factors

  • lead by example; and

  • practice.

"The practice of leadership qualifies me to mentor and empower women and girls so they can make a tangible difference to our Australian and global community. I am committed to making a quality contribution to society, safeguarding the future for my children, grandchildren and providing societal equity and security for females in all their roles, at every age and stage."


Maree Davenport has been a keynote speaker, panellist, mentor, dispute resolution specialist and team building facilitator for over 30 years.


She seeks to empower, ignite and drive change for individuals, organisations and society as a whole.

A veteran of politics, in 1996 Maree was the  youngest woman elected to the Victorian Parliament, aged 28,  the first to have a baby while serving and held senior government roles. She is a committed advocate for good causes.


Maree served 7 years as Chair of Victorian Minister for Planning’s Building Advisory Council (BAC) and was also a Member of Building Appeals Board at the Victorian Building Authority. She has lived, firsthand, the need for fundamental cultural change in respect for women, intersectional bias and masculanised systems.

She is a Member of Chief Executive Women, Women on Boards and speaks at International Women’s Day, Leadership Summits and Corporate events nationally.

With 30 + years in the media, across editorial, radio and all commercial television, SBS, the ABC 7 30 Report, The Drum, The House of Wellness, morning shows and news, she is an articulate and compelling speaker.


An Ambassador for Carlton Football Club, she supports Our Watch's Carlton Respects initiative, promoting gender equality for the prevention of violence against women.


Maree Davenport has lived, firsthand, the need for fundamental cultural change in respect for females, with intersectional bias and masculanised systems impacting the health and wellbeing of women and those assigned female at birth. She has earned the respect of the LGBTIQA+ community.

She specialises in workplace health & wellbeing programs and facilitating conversations about workplace accommodations and adjustments to ensure equal opportunity, while promoting productivity.

She has been advocating for gender equity, flexibility for family, reducing the gender pay gap, increasing the representation of women in non-traditional industries, for decades.


A supportive environment is fundametal for those living with endometriosis, PCOS, incontinence and other gendered health challenges. Fertility treatment, miscarriage, stillbirth and neo-natal death, along with premature birth need to be respectfully accommodated.  Menopause management is essential for caring for women in the workplace.

Maree held senior roles in health when in Parliament, serves on the Monash Children's Hospital inaugural Foundation, has worked in and with hospitals and health providers in advocacy, communication and C suite roles, was President of Wavlink adult disabilty centre for 7 years, Board member and CEO of Endometriosis Australia.


Maree is a Member of Chief Executive Women, Women on Boards and National Association of Women in Construction, Victorian Women’s Trust, Gender Equity Victoria, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Governance Institute of Australia, Mediation Institute and Resolution Institute.


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