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Corporate Social Responsibility
Social Enterprise
Local Government 
Community Engagement


Giving a helping hand up to those less advantaged is a shared responsibility. It is also good business.

Demonstrating your commitment to more than the 'bottom line' is not just 'ticking a box'.

Genuinely delivering on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is increasingly required by

government, regulators, procurement managers, clients and customers.

At GCAN, we live our commitment to social responsibility with purpose and passion and assist with:


  • Gender Equality workplace Audits and Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAPS)

  • Building Equality Policy (Victoria)

  • Social Procurement Framework, compliance advisory and partnership management

  • Tender writing, Grant Applications for NFP, Social Enterprises and Business

  • Regulatory Impact Statements, Policy development and Stakeholder Consultation

  • Community and Social Housing empowerment and development enablement

  • Social Enterprise Partnership advisory and relationship management

  • Community Recovery Committees advice and support on Recovery Plans

  • NFP Board and Committee Mentoring

  • Governance, Compliance, Enterprise Risk.

The organisations we work with share the same objectives and want to help create opportunities for:


  • First nations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

  • individuals living with disability

  • victims of family violence

  • women and girls through gender equity

  • safety and respect for all people regardless of gender identification

  • sustainability of our environment and resources.

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