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Regs and Corporate Advisory Pty Ltd
Government and Corporate Advisory Network
Established 2004 

We are a renowned, high performing strategic advisory group.  We are specialists, not generalists, working across corporate and industry sectors, NFP, for purpose and community organisations, and traversing the three tiers of government.  

In Victoria, we are approved on the Professional Advisory Services State Purchase Contract Panel (PAS SPC) and the Marketing Services Register (MSR). 

We are a trusted partner, with demonstrable experience in sensitive, highly complex environments, where confidentiality and discretion are key.

Managing Director Maree Davenport is qualified in Communications and Management, and has earned a Master of Leadership, along with certification in Governance & Risk Management. In addition, she is accredited in Mediation and Dispute Resolution.  We work with other facilitators and mediators to navigate an impartial and facilitative process in a neutral environment to optimise the opportunity for settlement and resolution, aimed at lasting success to fulfil the needs of our clients.

We deliver impactful public affairs advocacy, influence and advisory, framed by expert policy and regulatory instrument advice. We align these organisational and operational drivers with communication and strategic management services. We help you to articulate your priorities clearly to influence decision makers and stakeholders. 

Director of Property, Paul Walec, is qualified in Engineering, Property & Land Management. We provide property asset renewal & portfolio leadership for landholders, specialising in large scale assets. All critical customer-facing operational drivers are supported by clear and concise property and funding solutions. We create, apply and manage Development & Strategic Asset Programs.


Gender equity | Conciliation | Arbitration l Negotiation 

We are committed to gender equality, diversity and community empowerment.

We specialise in gender audits and Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAPs).

We are experienced with the implementation of the Victorian Government Building Equality Policy (BEP) Social Procurement Framework (SPF) compliance requirements.

We facilitate workplace conversations, assist with gender audits and Gender Equality Action Plans.

Communication and Stakeholder Consultation

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Gender equity

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Regs & Corporate Advisory Pty Ltd 

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