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Built Environment and Property Services.

GCAN provides asset renewal & portfolio leadership for landholders, specialising in large scale assets. 

We are experienced in highly complex and sensitive environments, where confidentiality and discretion are key.

All critical customer-facing operational drivers are supported by clear and concise property and funding solutions.

We create, apply and manage Development & Strategic Asset Programs.

We specialise in strata - owners corporation and body corporate sectors - multi-dwelling, vertical living and mixed-use

We believe that having a strategic focus that is end-to-end leads to organisational success, in both small,  large scale project development and strategic asset management projects. This includes a strong focus on property solutions, as well as:

  • Master Plans, which should emphasise connections between operations, assets, social settings, and their surrounding environments in order to maximise utility and ensure social and economic opportunities

  • Resolving commercial transactions for clients

  • Critical operational drivers including phasing, operational imperatives & parallel commissioning

  • Funding parameters and solutions including structures, cash flow drivers, funding, security and life cycle modelling

  • Stakeholder Engagement including landowners, end users, authorities, agencies and customers is critical, and

  • Strong Governance and Reporting to ensure visibility, transparency and accountability.

GCAN has been working in, with and for community and social housing providers since its inception in the 1990s and can assist with all advice on Homes Victoria regulatory requirements, tender opportunities and stock management.

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